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Not that anyone pays attention nor knows how to read...I am NOT currently adding ANYONE to my journal.

This is MY journal and I play by my rules here, not yours or anyone else's.


*Don't just randomly add me...I hate that & I WILL ban your ass.
*Don't spam your communities here...if I want to join, I'll find it on my own.
*If you're here to start shit...go the fuck away.
*All comments are screened and IP tracking IS on. If you have something to say, you can say it without having to hide like a child behind anonymity.

If we've talked on Plurk and I've said it's okay to add me, disregard all of this :P


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[ profile] darklingfae just contacted me and asked me to let everyone know that her computer got toasted in the move. They are trying to fix it right now, but if they can't then she's lost all of her wedding pics {as well as her graphics stuffs}.

She asked if anyone sees pickups for her to please get them for her. {Anyone on our mutual flists can send them to me and I'll send them on to her}
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Darklingfae emailed me a few minutes ago to let me know that she was heading to the Emergency Room as she's not doing well at all and has gotten much worse.

I'm making this post public, but I'd appreciate if those of you who are on her friends list would copy or point people in this direction. If I hear anything else I'll be sure to let you all know.

Get better soon, Twinnie! ♥

{ETA}She emailed me back: She couldn't get anyone to take her to the hospital so she crawled back into bed. :(
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I did warn yesterday that I was going to be doing a massive friends cut. Again, it's NOTHING PERSONAL! I will say that I cut those that I no longer communicate with or haven't seen post in awhile. I also cut an extra journal as I wasn't sure if it'd still be used or not.

If you think I cut you in error, feel free to email me. Otherwise, I wish you all the best life has to offer and I'm sure I'll see you around somewhere. ♥
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Please to be filling this out when I do something that causes you to become all sorts of butthurt. It'll make it easier for me to address your issues and forward them to the right department.

Form Below )
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**Sayclub icon bases were provided by various community members**

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[ profile] amore
Gothika-Brush @ DeviantArt

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**Various LJ communities and/or members of my personal communities, **Pixel Site Memberships can be found HERE under MEMBERSHIPS.

The majority of the blinkie boxes I use are of my own creation. A huge thank you to [ profile] kandysmindfreak for the patience and support she gave when I was learning to make boxes.

A huge thank you to [ profile] fancybelle, [ profile] sugardr0p, [ profile] autumn_mist and [ profile] rubyfirefly who have given me permission to use their boxes as well. ♥ ♥

If you feel that I have used anything of yours and it should be listed here, please comment to let me know.

^ Maelys @ LilPixelDreams.Com

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